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rose tattoo cafe

Meet Your Friends From Edgewater for a Meal at Rose Tattoo Cafe

For the feeling of a traditional bistro in the heart of an American city, many Philad...

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Holiday Landmarks Near The Edgewater

A fun, festive, and favored holiday tradition is now open and happening in one of Phi...

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Buena Onda for Taco Tuesday

Nothing better on cold nights than some delicious food with a kick, right? What about...

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Getting Prepared for Thanksgiving Dinner

Thanksgiving is upon us, meaning the official beginning of the holiday season. It’s...

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Peddler Coffee on Spring Street

Peddler Coffee (2100 Spring Street) is a hidden gem in Philly, and it’s everyth...

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healthy food

Mama’s Vegetarian Restaurant

Eating vegetarian in Philly is not as difficult as it may seem. The city of soft pret...

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Fairmount Regatta on the Schuykill River

The Schuykill River that winds past the Edgewater is more than just a pretty place to...

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art museum

The Goldie Paley Gallery near Edgewater

We’ve talked about The Moore College of Art and all of the insightful and interesti...

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