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rose tattoo cafe

Meet Your Friends From Edgewater for a Meal at Rose Tattoo Cafe

For the feeling of a traditional bistro in the heart of an American city, many Philad...

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Stay Connected at Edgewater

The Edgewater Community is literally the connected person’s dream community, and we...

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Philly’s FringeFest

The Edgewater community is truly on the edge of everything. The Edgewater’s ideal l...

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Safety in the City at Edgewater

Safety is a very important no matter where you live and living in the city, safety ca...

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fancy meal

Philadelphia Restaurant Week

The much anticipated Center City District Restaurant Week returns this month! Septemb...

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art museum

Spend the Afternoon at The Moore College of Art and Design

There is a reason The Edgewater community prides itself on being on the edge of every...

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Experience Egypt at The Franklin Institute

The Edgewater prides itself for being on the edge of everything. That includes being ...

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Edgewater Apartments’ Private Garden

The Edgewater Community offers more than just beautiful living spaces indoors. The Ed...

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