Safety in the City at Edgewater


Safety is a very important no matter where you live and living in the city, safety can be a particular challenge.

However, the Edgewater community puts your safety as top priority by creating comprehensive security without eliminating any of the benefits of city living.

One of these safety features is the private community entryway off of the main streets of Center City Philadelphia for Edgewater residents and visitors. This allows for safe entry into the community for community members without the headache of street traffic.

Another feature The Edgewater uses for security is the community only direct access parking lot in the community’s basement. This basement lot features 75 secure spaces only for Edgewater community members, keeping this lot monitored and safe. The Edgewater also has access to the garage directly adjacent to the community for additional secure parking for your vehicle and for guests.

Within the actual community, The Edgewater also features controlled community access. Security maintains logs for guests and visitors while community members have easy access to the community.

Security is just one huge way that the Edgewater community stays on the edge of everything. Come in for a tour to fall in love with your next home.