Stay Connected at Edgewater


The Edgewater Community is literally the connected person’s dream community, and we are not just talking the prime location. In fact, for those of our residents who work from home, we’re a perfect match.

The Edgewater has made sure that residents can easily connect to the Internet without any hassles or wires. In fact, every room of the Edgewater’s apartments and all of the living spaces of the Edgewater town homes, features Internet connectivity. Checking the weather from your bedroom, reading the news while you brush your teeth, or updating a Facebook status while getting ready for the day is quick and efficient with this feature.

Need to stay connected but want to get out of your apartment? The Edgewater has you covered with great wireless service throughout our community. The Business Center is equipped with high speed internet, while the amenity areas throughout the Edgewater also have WI-FI access, including the Edgewater’s private riverfront garden.

That means you can start that big project in our Business Center, check your Facebook in the Club Room, and finalize your day’s work from your laptop outdoors as you enjoy the weather while gazing at the Schuylkill River.

Convenient details like this are what put the Edgewater community on truly on the Edge of everything.