Buena Onda for Taco Tuesday


Nothing better on cold nights than some delicious food with a kick, right? What about spicy bites with a conscious? Buena Onda Tacos serves up both.

One of Philly’s loved Garces’ family of restaurants, Buena Onda Tacos is Philly’s spot for affordable eats in an upscale but fun setting. While you are free to pick any tacos you choose, if you can, you should definitely go for Buena Onda’s famed fish tacos. They get most of the buzz on Yelp.

Buena Onda does not only dish out awesome tacos. For fans of other Mexican favorites, Buena Onda’s quesadillas, guacamole, salsa, and nachos might be more your speed. They even create more unique (and quite delicious) offerings such as Buena Onda’s pear and spiced pecan infused Kale Salad, and their well-loved smoked tuna dip.

Like all of the Garces restaurants, Buena Onda places a major emphasis on sustainable practices and community concern. From the yellow perch caught sustainably with trap nets in Canada, Pennsylvania, and New York, to composting and recycling; from using local beverage companies like Yards, even down to the cool Buena Onda t-shirt and gear produced by eco-friendly apparel company, Jetty, Buena Onda shows major concern for creating big flavors while keeping a small footprint.

Buena Onda, located at 1901 Callowhill St, is only a 6 minute drive from the Edgewater. Give this Philly favorite a try and make Buena Onda your stop for Taco Tuesday this week! For a full menu and more details on Buena Onda Tacos, head to their website.