The Edgewater Guide to the 2017 NFL Draft


It’s no secret, the NFL draft is coming to Philadelphia and the city is buzzing with excitement as the dates approach. Philadelphia actually hosted the first ever NFL draft, but this is the first time the draft has been back since 1960. Local business owners are eagerly preparing for the upcoming influx of over 200,000 fans, for the football tradition officials are calling their biggest event yet. This thing is huge and we understand it can be a little confusing, so here’s a guide to the 2017 NFL draft for residents of Edgewater Apartments.

Edgewater Apartments are in a prime spot for the NFL draft, which is mostly taking place on Benjamin Franklin Parkway. This means getting there will be super easy, residents will only have to walk a few blocks to be in the heart of the event. It also means that there will be a rush of both foot and car traffic in the neighborhood, so we recommend residents plan accordingly.

The actual draft will be held over three days, on a stage built outside the Philadelphia Museum of Art. This is actually the first time in it’s history that the draft theater is outdoors. Getting tickets for this event can be tricky, so it will be broadcast on TV and throughout the Parkway.

The bulk of the 200,000 fans will be attending the “NFL Draft Experience”, a huge football festival surrounding the draft theater that’s completely free and open to the public. The event grounds will occupy a half-mile stretch of closed-off Benjamin Franklin Parkway, It’s open Friday and Saturday from noon until 11pm, and 11am to 8pm on Sunday. Attendees can enjoy endless activities and attractions. Some of the highlights include football themed games, an NFL museum, live music stage, virtual reality experience, pop-up tavern, memorabilia auction, photo-ops, autograph stage, shopping, and even a 100 yard zipline offering views of the festival and the city.

You can find the full scoop on everything going on NFL draft weekend on the official website. Also, here is a helpful article about other great deals on attractions going on in the city during the draft.