Check Out Urban Farmer – Amazing Modern Steakhouse Right by Edgewater Apartments

steak - dinner

Who needs an excuse to go out for a nice meal? We don’t, and we know Edgewater residents also appreciate the nicer things in life like sitting down for a delicious meal with friends. Living at Edgewater is a lifestyle packed with urban beauty and endless cultural experiences. Our location truly puts you on the edge of everywhere and we just found a great restaurant that’s right on the edge with you. Urban Farmer is a modern American steakhouse with a Philadelphia personality we know you will enjoy.


Drop by this colorful steakhouse and enjoy authentic farm-to-table options. Urban Farmer prides itself on using all locally sourced ingredients and serving only heritage beef. Their chefs build relationships with area farmers and fisheries to ensure that their customers always get the highest quality ingredients. Restaurant owners have stated that they carefully tailored every aspect of Urban Farmer to suit the needs of individuals who live, work, and visit the neighborhood. Even the bar reflects the area, frequently featuring craft beer from nearby breweries on tap, heavenly cocktails with local artisan spirits, and a uniquely curated wine program that compliments the region.


Located right on Philadelphia’s historic Logan Square, Urban Farmer is only a 10-minute walk from Edgewater Apartments. We know you will love the steakhouse’s thoughtful “rustic-chic” design and atmosphere. The restaurant’s entire concept is based around a fictional narrative of “the country farmer who marries the cosmopolitan art-collector”, incorporating art, culture, tradition, elegance, and the connection between land and plate.


Urban Farmer

1850 Benjamin Franklin Parkway, Philadelphia, PA

(215) 963-2788