Parks and Green Spaces by Edgewater Apartments

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As the days are getting longer and Philadelphia is eagerly welcoming in a warm breeze, we know Edgewater residents will be looking for more ways to spend time outside. While Edgewater is in the heart of Philadelphia, this beautiful city-scape also has a bunch of spots for an outdoor escape in an urban setting. Other than our own beautiful, waterfront park, here’s a quick list of parks and green spaces by Edgewater Apartments that are worth checking out:


Fairmount Park- It might be no surprise that Philadelphia’s favorite outdoor retreat is right next to Edgewater Apartments. This historical park is bursting with beautiful sights, sounds, and awesome attractions. While you may have taken a stroll through Fairmount Park before, there’s a chance you missed the Centennial Arboretum, Smith Memorial Playground and Playhouse, or some of the many historical houses within the park grounds.


Matthias Baldwin Park- While it’s one of the lesser known green spaces in the area, Matthias Baldwin Park is nothing short of inspiring. Located just a fifteen-minute walk from Edgewater, this well-manicured park is made up of several connecting terraces with different heights and plant life. Large boulders anchor the space and long, winding pathways make this the perfect spot for a serene, reflective walk.


Schuylkill River Trail and Park- This famous trail runs all the way from Pottsville to Philadelphia, but there’s a particularly charming section that’s right by Edgewater Apartments. The Schuylkill River Trail is a great place for a scenic walk by the water. It runs right along the Schuylkill River and includes a friendly park with playgrounds, sports areas, a pool, and a dog run.


Fairmount Park

Reservoir Dr, Philadelphia, PA

(215) 683-3600


Matthias Baldwin Park

423 N 19th St, Philadelphia, PA


Schuylkill River Trail and Park

300 S 25th St, Philadelphia, PA

(215) 309-5523