Don’t Miss Art Museum Restaurant Week


It’s no secret that Philly has some exceptional eats in town. Recently, events like Restaurant Week have made sampling the fine cuisine easier than ever. We are so excited to share that a smaller and more focused eating opportunity has come to the Edgewater’s neighborhood.  Art Museum Restaurant Week is finally here and there’s a lot of great places we know you should check out.

This year’s restaurant week runs from June 11th through 18th and then June 18th through 23rd. Each prix-Fixe menu will cost visitors 15 to 35 dollars and features seasonally inspired dishes. Art Museum Restaurant Week is run by the GAMBA, or Greater Art Museum Business Alliance, which is always a great resource in the neighborhood.

Some restaurants we highly recommend checking out include: London Grill, home of one of our favorite cheese plates in the city. Sabrina’s Cafe, an amazing spot for brunch and specialty french toast. Also try Dim Sum & Noodle, for some of the area’s best hand-scraped noodle dishes.



Art Museum Restaurant Week

June 11-16 & June 18-23