Enjoy a Frozen Treat on a Hot Day Near Edgewater Apartments

ice cream

We all know summers in Philadelphia can get pretty toasty. While hiding in your perfectly temperature controlled Edgewater Apartment may seem ideal sometimes, the city is bustling with activity and opportunity our residents will not want to miss. Luckily, there’s a lot of great ways to find refuge from the heat in the neighborhood. Our personal favorite is enjoying a frozen sweet treat, what’s better than an ice cream cone on a warm summer day? The city has a lot going on, especially in June, so we thought we would compile a quick list of all the best places to indulge in a cold and sugary treat near Edgewater Apartments.


Philly Flavors- Enjoy a Philadelphia tradition, the Italian ice, or as locals like to call it a “water ice” next time you are out and about in the neighborhood. Philly Flavors is well known for their extensive flavor selection, as well as specialty sundaes. This bright and cheery dessert shop packs a lot of personality into every one of their delectable menu items.


Capogiro Gelato Artisans- If you are looking for a truly crafted frozen dairy experience, look no further than Capogiro Gelato. This authentic gelato and sorbetto shop hand makes all their creamy batches from scratch. Flavor availability changes every day, so you can call in to see what’s on the menu. We recommend their seasonal ingredient batches, be sure to try their Lemon Opal Basil Sorbetto before the summer is over.


Yogorino- This isn’t your average frozen yogurt shop. Yogorino sets themselves apart by offering probiotic frozen yogurt, to help regulate the digestive system. Located off of Rittenhouse Square, their products are (somewhat) healthy and the flavor doesn’t suffer at all. Compliment your yogurt with their gourmet fruit bar.



Philly Flavors

2004 Fairmount Ave

Philadelphia, PA

(215) 232-7748



Capogiro Gelato Artisans

117 S 20th St

Philadelphia, PA
(215) 636-9250




233 S 20th St

Philadelphia, PA

(267) 639-5287