Cool Off at The Pool This Summer Near Edgewater


July is here and the summer sun is beating down. Philadelphia is expected to see record-breaking highs this season and we know Edgewater Residents are looking for more ways to cool down. Going for a swim is a great way to beat the heat, or rather embrace it and enjoy the summertime nostalgia it brings back. Finding a pool in the concrete jungle can be a difficult task though, so we did the hard work for you and compiled a list of all our favorite swimming spots in the area. Get your sunscreen and your swimmies ready because you’ll want to stay at these pools all day.


Lombard Swim Club- On West Lombard Street you can find this charming pool club. Membership is required, but at just a 10-minute drive or 20-minute walk, it’s the closest swimming spot to Edgewater. Lombard Swim Club comes with a lot of extra amenities you won’t find at other pools in the area. These include family game nights, swim classes, water aerobics, children’s theater, swim team, complimentary beverages, parking, art classes, yoga, and much more. There’s a waiting list, so we recommend you contact them soon if you want a spot for summer 2017.


O’Connor Pool- This public pool is all about community. O’Connor Pool has been a neighborhood retreat since the 1920’s. Check the schedule, there are both family and adult swim times. Friendly staff members are sure to make you feel welcome and on certain days they offer fitness classes like aqua Zumba.


Ridgway Pool- Another gem in Philadelphia’s public pool community, Ridgway Pool has a cozy, tucked-away quality visitors love. It’s free and hours are posted online. On Mondays and Wednesdays, they offer swim lessons.



Lombard Swim Club

2040 Lombard St, Philadelphia, PA 19146
(215) 735-4144


O’Connor Pool

2601 South St, Philadelphia, PA 19146
(215) 685-6593


Ridgway Pool

1301 Carpenter St, Philadelphia, PA 19147