October is Mural Arts Month in Philadelphia

woman street art

Some people say that Philadelphia is the mural capital of the world and it’s easy to see why. No matter where you are in the city, if you look around you there’s a good chance that you will spot a mural somewhere in your surroundings. Bold and beautiful public art covers the city and it’s hardly without purpose. Most of the pieces you see are rooted in strong intention and cause, many honor the city’s culture, send a message about social issues, or commemorate vibrant lives and history. The organization behind most of these displays is the Philadelphia Mural Arts Program. In the past three decades since their conception, they have helped bring more then 3,800 works of public art to the area’s streets, buildings, rooftops, garages, and infrastructure. Every October these efforts and the city’s artistry are celebrated during Mural Arts Month.


The month-long affair is comprised of several events that folks anywhere from artists to observers can enjoy. Mural Arts month is just as much about education as it is about honoring the organization’s efforts, artists, and public works themselves. Everything starts with a kickoff party and once October arrives the schedule is packed with a truly diverse selection of activities. There will be public panel discussions with popular artists, as well as several dedications for pieces created recently. Other events you can look forward to include a festival, outdoor concerts, and workshops. For those individuals who are looking for a more introductory experience, all kinds of tours will be held throughout the month.


We know Edgewater residents will love this opportunity to get to know Philadelphia and it’s ever-present creative culture a little better. Since we are right in the museum district, so many of the events will be walking distance from your apartment. Explore the city this October and experience all of its beautiful public art. Check out the Philadelphia Mural Arts website for a listing of all the events going on in October and info on the organization’s groundbreaking new project: Monument Lab.