Get in the Spirit at the Franklin Square Holiday Festival and Electric Spectacle Light Show

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When the holidays arrive, locals know there’s one particular field Philadelphia excels in as the city turns festive. Lights have always been a favorite past time for getting in the spirit. Between the decorated streets in residential South Philly or the organ accompanied light show in the Wanamaker building downtown, there’s no shortage of the bright and beautiful. Now there’s a festival centered around spectacular holiday lights, literally. The event is held in Franklin Square, where the park’s center fountain is transformed into an epicenter of marvelous shine, cheery glow, and detailed artistry. The PECO sponsored Holiday Festival and Electric Spectacle Light Show kicks off on November 9th and Edgewater residents are not going to want to miss this.


Open every day, except Thanksgiving and Christmas, this holiday festival is completely free and open to the public. The light show is truly the main event, it uses over 50,000 twinkling bulbs and compliments it’s brilliant changes by coordinating with a cheery holiday soundtrack. At the light show’s center, there is a 12-foot tall kite that acts as a tribute to Benjamin Franklin and his famous lightning experiment that led to the discovery of electricity.


Some of the festivals other attractions include mini golf, the Parx Liberty Carousel, and on Saturdays and Sundays, the Lightning Bolt Holiday Express. Come hungry and indulge in the delicious splendors of SquareBurger, Franklin Square’s own restaurant that will be featuring several new menu additions for the holiday season. Visitors can also enjoy a beer or cocktail at the Winter Beer Garden or give into their cravings at Ben’s Sweets and Treats. Check their website to learn about upcoming events being held in the park.


Franklin Square Holiday Festival and Electric Spectacle Light Show

6th and Race Streets Philadelphia, PA 19103
(215) 629-4026