Wander into an Ancient World that’s Walking Distance From Edgewater

franklin institute - philly

One of the best parts about Edgewater’s location is it’s in the heart of the museum district. Just a few blocks from home, residents have access to the Parkway’s many renowned institutions like the Philadelphia Museum of Art, Barnes Foundation, Academy of Natural Sciences, and one of our personal favorites; The Franklin Institute. While the Franklin Institute is a great place to visit any day, an aspect that always keeps it fresh and exciting are it’s traveling exhibitions. The current major exhibition is called Terracotta Warriors of the First Empire and the institute is hosting this collection’s only stop on the East Coast.


Imagine walking from your apartment at Edgewater and before you know it you have wandered back in time to ancient China. Terracotta Warriors of the First Empire is an exhibition that showcases a 2,000-year old burial site for the First Qin Emperor of China that was constructed over 38-square miles. Around this mausoleum over 8,000 clay figures were completed and placed to stand “guard” over the tomb, a truly artistic feat that took over 700,000 workers and 30 years to complete.


The exhibition, which will remain on display until March 4th, 2018, starts out with a theatrical history of the tomb’s discovery in 1974. Visitors can then wander through an immersive reproduction of the ancient burial tomb and independently discover the many highlights of the exhibit. Terracotta Warriors of the First Emperor will feature 10 life-size clay figures and over 170 other artifacts from this specific time period of ancient China. The exhibition includes an integrated app, augmented reality, and interactive installations that attendees will love, especially the tech-savvy. Be sure to take advantage of this rare opportunity to step into ancient human history.


Franklin Institute: Terracotta Warriors of the First Emperor

222 N 20th St, Philadelphia, PA 19103

(215) 448-1200