Don’t Miss the Winter Fountains on Benjamin Franklin Parkway

philly - ben frank parkway

Residents know one of the best parts of life at Edgewater is being “on the edge of everything”. This is especially true for one Philadelphia’s most beloved pieces of infrastructure; Benjamin Franklin Parkway. For those of you who aren’t aware, the Parkway turned 100 this fall and the city will be celebrating all year. Locals can expect all kinds of rotating promotions, events, and awesome installations until next November, but one of the most heavily anticipated projects is up and running already. Take a stroll down the parkway at night and explore the stunning “Winter Fountain” displays lighting up this historic district.


The concept for the installation was created by multimedia artist, Jennifer Steinkamp, after being commissioned by the Philadelphia’s public art program. “Winter Fountains” actually aren’t even fountains at all, they are large translucent domes that sparkle in the sunlight like flowing water would. At night, the artistry of the pieces really comes to life. The installation uses sixteen projectors to light up each dome with abstract patterns in beautiful motion. Visitors should pay close attention to the moving shapes and details, as they often represent and pay homage to different aspects of Benjamin Franklin Parkway.


Getting a glimpse at these digital masterpieces is completely free and open to the public. They are so close to your Edgewater Apartment, that it’s a great reason to venture out into Philly’s brisk December air. A “Winter Fountain” can be found in four key spots throughout the Parkway. Don’t miss any, you can find each piece at Aviator Park near The Franklin Institute, at the Park Towne Place Museum Residences, on the Rodin Museum grounds, and in the Spring Garden Triangle not far from Eakins Oval. Enjoy this inspiring work of public art until March 18th.


Winter Fountains

November 30th, 2017 – March 18th, 2017

Benjamin Franklin Parkway

Philadelphia, PA