Have You Been Missing this Speakeasy by Edgewater?

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Philadelphians love to think they have the inside scoop on what’s going down in the city. It’s this love of the hip underground that sparked a rise in speakeasy style bars and word of mouth hot spots. These establishments’ secretive nature can make them harder to spot, as they are geared towards seasoned locals and not your everyday tourist.  You could be passing these speakeasies every day and never notice, in fact, there’s a great hidden bar not too far from Edgewater. Fortunately, we have the insider knowledge to ensure you aren’t missing any of the neighborhood’s hidden gems. Next time you find yourself strolling down 18th street, be sure to check out The Franklin Bar.


An unmarked entrance leads people to the glamourous Franklin Bar. Walking through the doors is like stepping back in time. Originally called The Franklin Mortgage & Investment Company, the “business” opened in the 1920’s as a front for America’s largest alcohol running ring during prohibition. While alcohol consumption is legal now, they haven’t stopped carrying out the tradition of the hosting one of the cities greatest “underground” watering holes. The Franklin Bar is an upscale and truly hip spot to sit down for a drink. Bring a friend from out of town and impress them with just how “in the know” you are in the Philadelphia bar scene.


Keeping accurate to its origins, The Franklin Bar is known for their handcrafted cocktails. An extensive menu demands your imagination and careful consideration before placing an order. Give the “Iceman Cometh” a try, or maybe the “For Closers Only” if you are looking for something with a little extra punch. The speakeasy is open every day from 5 pm to 2 am. It’s really a scene you have to experience yourself.

Embrace your inner flapper or mobster and give this place a try!


The Franklin Bar

112 S 18th Street

Philadelphia, PA, 19103

(267) 467 – 3277