Do You Hear the People Sing: Les Mis is Coming to Broadway Philadelphia


It’s January in Philadelphia and winter is in full effect. We know Edgewater residents are looking for interesting ways to escape the cold weather and make some memories indoors. While seeing a live performance is hardly revolutionary, this musical certainly is. Les Miserables, or Les Mis for short, is coming to Broadway Philadelphia this month and it’s sure to be a hit.
This popular production, based on the beloved novel by Victor Hugo, is set during the early stages of the French Revolution. Let the dramatic musical score take you back in time to 19th-century Paris, specifically the life and experiences of one man: Jean Valjean. Once a disgraced prisoner, Valjean flees the stipulations of his probation and becomes a successful factory-owner with an inescapable secret. The musical also follows the stories of several other characters like a woman forced into prostitution, a seemingly ruthless police inspector, a child servant, two crooked inn owners, and a group of politically radical students. It tackles serious themes like broken dreams, unrequited love, class struggle, passion, forgiveness, sacrifice, and redemption. Prepare to watch in awe as the story comes to a dramatic climax; a true spectacle when the main characters build a barricade and go into battle.
Les Mis opens on Tuesday, January 9th, and runs until Sunday, January 21st. Daily performances of the Tony award-winning musical make it a great option to fit into everyone’s schedule. The productions runs just under three hours and is held at the Kimmel Center Academy of Music in Merriam Theater. Join the revolution before it’s too late. Find showtimes and tickets through the link below.


Broadway Philadelphia Presents: Les Miserables

January 9th – 21st, 2018

Kimmel Center for the Arts

240 S Broad St.
Philadelphia, PA 19102