Three Local Spots to Celebrate National Waffle Day 


Did you know that Aug. 24 is National Waffle Day? Well, now you do!

In honor of the tasty holiday, take advantage of one (or more!) of the many breakfast hot spots near your Edgewater apartment. With the news that breakfast giant IHOP is abandoning its longtime focus for a more burger-friendly menu, perhaps one of these local breakfast spots can corner the market on early risers looking for delicious deals.

No matter how you like your waffles—plain, dressed up or maybe even sandwiching some ice cream—dine out and dig in this month! Here are a few of the breakfast standouts in our neck of the woods:


Little Pete’s: The Center City diner closed its doors last year but thankfully its Fairmount location, six blocks from your Edgewater apartment, is still up and running. The longtime local fave features an array of affordable and generously portioned breakfast staples. Waffles can be ordered alone or paired with one of six breakfast meats. If you’ve got a sweet tooth, top yours with ice cream.

Foolish Waffles: With a little pre-planning, you can catch famous food truck Foolish Waffles. The mobile eatery schedules daily engagements around the city, including frequent stops near your Edgewater apartment. The menu changes weekly but is consistently creative, with waffles served up with fresh fruit, others topped with eggs and breakfast meats and still others with additions like tofu. No matter your taste, Foolish Waffles can help you start your day off on the right foot.

Sabrina’s Café: Sabrina’s, five blocks from your Edgewater apartment, is the area’s go-to spot for weekend brunch and daily breakfast, which is served all day. Its extensive menu includes options like friend chicken and waffles, but there are so many tasty treats offered it’ll be hard to stick just to the waffles! Sabrina’s tends to really pack in the crowds in the morning, so make sure to be prepared for a wait—but trust us, it’s definitely worth it!


Little Pete’s

2401 Pennsylvania Ave.

Philadelphia, PA 19130



Sabrina’s Café

1804 Callowhill St.

Philadelphia, PA 19130