Three Spots for a Beer Education in Philly


There are plenty of spots where locals can throw back some brews, and thanks to the boom in breweries in the area, there are also lots of outlets where drinkers can appreciate the entire process that went into making their pint.

The neighborhoods around your Edgewater apartment are right in the center of the city’s brewery renaissance. No matter what your taste is in beer, a brewery or brewpub experience is a new way to enjoy your drink. Learning where the brew came from—and maybe even seeing that process in person—adds a new dimension to your beer-drinking outing, making it much more personal than a regular night out at a neighborhood corner bar. If you want to incorporate a little education to your entertainment, check out these local spots:

Philly Beer School: Before you hit Philly’s brewery scene, stop by Philly Beer School, four blocks from your Edgewater apartment for a classroom experience like none you’ve ever experienced! The company holds a range of courses on the ABC’s of brewing—from the basics of making cider to craft beer and cheese pairings. Some courses are heavier on the science and others on the sipping—it all depends on your tastes!

Dock Street Brewing: About three miles from your Edgewater apartment, Dock Street Brewing is the city’s very first microbrewery, which opened its doors all the way back in 1985. In that time, it has become known for its award-winning brews, which can be enjoyed right in the cannery where they’re made—or even in growlers to go. While it’s known for its beers, Dock Street operates an attached brewpub where you can both drink and dine in a converted firehouse, so there’s just as much ambiance as there is great taste.

Point Breeze Brewing: Head down to South Philly for a brewery that’s small in size but big in charm. Located 1.5 miles from your Edgewater apartment, Point Breeze Brewing is situated in a newly renovated South Philly garage, with a setting that encourages laidback conversations and laughter. Tastings are offered every Sunday, where visitors learn from brewers and then enjoy the fruits of their labor.


Philly Beer School

109 S. 22nd St.

Philadelphia, PA 19103



Dock Street Brewing

701 S. 50th St.

Philadelphia, PA 19143



Point Breeze Brewing

1225 S. 28th St.

Philadelphia, PA 19146