Fringe Festival Returns to Philly

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Summer may be just about over, but Philly stages are just heating up. The Fringe Festival is one of the most anticipated theater events of the year and it returns this month with hundreds of original and boundary-pushing productions, including dozens right near your Edgewater apartment.

Fringe keeps the definition of theater loose: While some shows take place in large, traditional theaters, others will be held at bars, in open-air spaces and even at individual homes. Fringe’s innovation and willingness to embrace unique, thought-provoking ways of expressing theater has made it a Philly favorite for years.

Here are some of the most unique shows setting up in venues near your Edgewater apartment:


Humans: From Sept. 28-29, take in a high-flying show at the Annenberg Center, 1.5 miles from your Edgewater apartment. Combining theater, circus art and contemporary dance, 10 acrobats will wow audiences with a heart-stopping show exploring the physical potential of the human body. The artists will twist and turn, climb and bend throughout and above the entire theater, making for an exciting, eye-catching event.


Of Arms and the Man: The world-premiere performance features the Grammy-winning choir The Crossing on Sept. 16 at FringeArts, two miles from your Edgewater apartment. The songs explore tragedy and triumph, both personally and in the context of the nation’s struggles, and include a new piece by Ted Hearne, a renowned composer and Pulitzer Prize finalist.


manger: This piece by a French choreographer explores the intricacies of eating through dance. Dancers use the art to help audiences consider the complex nature not just of physically digesting food but also relate that idea to our fast-paced, digital world in which we’re digesting information by the minute. The show will be held Sept. 22-23 at FringeArts, two miles from your Edgewater apartment.


Annenberg Center

3680 Walnut St.

Philadelphia, PA 19104




140 N. Columbus Boulevard
Philadelphia, PA 19106