See Philly Differently in this New Tour

Philly Love statue

There are dozens of tours that walk visitors and locals alike back through time for a look at Philadelphia’s storied history. While Benjamin Franklin, George Washington and William Penn make frequent appearances in such tales—and sometimes even in person, thanks to Philly’s many reenactors—few tours have delved deeply into the diversity that has helped build the City of Brotherly Love into what it is today.

That’s changing, thanks to Beyond the Bell. The tour company, headquartered two miles from your Edgewater apartment, is focused on telling the stories that may get lost in the shuffle of most history books and many local tours.

Beyond the Bell offers four unique tours, designed to show the people and places that made Philly what it is today:


The Philly Classic: This tour steps off from Washington Square, two miles from your Edgewater apartment, and covers everything from “cool” colonial women to Native American leaders who called the city home.


PHL 101: Go for a deep dive into Philly’s real history in this tour, leaving from City Hall, one mile from your Edgewater apartment. Learn about some local conflicts and controversies, including a little-known yet highly accomplished activist, Octavius Catto.


Queer Faces and Queer Spaces: This tour sets off from Washington Square, two miles from your Edgewater apartment, and takes guests through the heart of the Gayborhood, pointing out buildings significant to LGBT history, along with telling the stories of locals who helped fueled progress.


Women’s History Tour: This tour leaves from Independence Park, two miles from your Edgewater apartment, and focuses on the women who helped build the foundations for Philadelphia. Included on the tour are local legends like Hannah Callowhill Penn, Olney Judge, Revolutionary War spy Peggy and Caroline Lecount.


There are many sides of Philadelphia, and Beyond the Bell seeks to show the ones that often go unnoticed by history. Take a tour today to see Philly in a whole new light.


Beyond the Bell Tours

239 S. Third St.

Philadelphia, PA 19106