Show Why You Love Your Parks

Philly Love statue

On Nov. 10, volunteer at one more than 85 local parks as part of Love Your Park Fall Service Day. Run by the city, the initiative allows locals to pitch in and give back to help beautify the public spaces in their neighborhood, including many near your Edgewater apartment. The day is a great way to participate in community service, see the fruits of your labor as the finished product is a clean and tidy park and is also a good opportunity to mix and mingle with your neighbors. Not to mention, it’s a fun way to spend a Saturday out and about enjoying Philly’s beautiful public parks!

Here are a few spots near your Edgewater apartment to volunteer:

Fairmount Park: The city’s biggest park, three miles from your Edgewater apartment, will be a prime spot for Love Your Park Fall Service Day. Pick up litter along the hiking trails, help cut back overgrowth or pull up weeds. You likely enjoy Fairmount Park—with its trails, creeks, running paths and more—throughout the year, and this is a chance to do your part to give back for all that the park gives to local residents.

Schuylkill River Park: A half-mile from your Edgewater apartment, Schuylkill River Park is a haven for both humans and pets. Its dog park is one of the most popular in the city, and on the Fall Service Day locals will lend a helping hand to spruce up the park so that pooches can have a clean and safe place to play.

Penn Park: Located on the campus of University of Pennsylvania, Penn Park, a half-mile from your Edgewater apartment, is a haven for students and non-students alike. Its tennis courts, sports fields, pedestrian bridges and more—all spread across 24 acres—help bring together the campus community and the wider city.


Fairmount Park

100 N Horticultural Drive

Philadelphia, PA 19131


Schuylkill River Park

300 S. 25th St.

Philadelphia, PA 19103


Penn Park

3000 Walnut St.

Philadelphia, PA 19104