Celebrate Women’s History in Philly

women's history month

March is known for many things—wild weather, the start of spring and St. Patrick’s Day, to name a few. It’s also a month in which we pay tribute to the struggles and triumphs of the women who’ve come before us, and celebrate the potential of future generations of women.

Women’s History Month is marked all through March, with many venues near your Edgewater apartment doing their part to pay tribute to this national celebration. Among the biggest Women’s History Month festivities is the series held at National Constitution Center, 1.5 miles from your Dalian on the Park apartment.

The interactive history museum has a number of permanent exhibits that explore the contributions of women to American history. Its “The Story of We the People” exhibit includes highlights of how prominent women like Betsy Ross helped shape the foundation of the nation. At the end of the display, visitors can test their own knowledge about women’s history in a life-sized game board. Its regular collection also features a vast array of archival material that bring women’s history to life. Visitors can get up close and personal with picket signs and other artifacts from the women’s suffrage movement, an original letter written by Susan B. Anthony, a robe from Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O’Connor and documents that trace the efforts to advance the Equal Rights Amendment. Throughout March, visitors can pick up a handy flier that points out the women’s history exhibits for a self-guided tour.

The past and the present unite in a workshop that educates about the women’s suffrage movement—all set to the music of Lady Gaga. The music video-style activity allows visitors to use the modern music to look back on the accomplishments of the movement, and its impact today.

The National Constitution Center is an exciting resource any day of the year but there’s no better time to visit than in March, as it transforms into one of the most interactive and engaging ways to pay tribute to Women’s History Month.


National Constitution Center

525 Arch St.

Philadelphia, PA 19106