Where to Get Your Vegetarian Fix in Philly

healthy eating

We’re now into the full swing of 2019, which means the motivation to hit the gym and ditch the fried food to keep up with your New Year’s resolution is probably getting a bit more challenging. As the year drags on, the commitment to eating healthy and exercising gets harder and harder! But getting your greens in doesn’t have to be a chore—especially considering the impressive vegetarian dining scene near your Edgewater apartment. Though you don’t have to be a full-fledged vegetarian to be a healthy eater, veg spots are great places to put your culinary calendar, as they’re well-versed in making veggie dishes that are tasty and filling.

One of the best-known vegetarian eateries near your Edgewater apartment is V Street. The space features a bar, cozy dining room and a chef’s counter, at all of which diners can sample vegetarian and vegan street foods inspired by flavors from around the world. Its menu is split into several sections, including Street Snacks for smaller appetites, and Fire & Grill for those who want to really indulge (without all the guilt!). The entirely plant-based selections feature main dishes such as mushrooms and tofu, dressed to the nines with colorful, flavorful and always fresh ingredients.

While the food is the main focus at V Street, the drink menus are also popular. Natural wines, creative cocktails and craft beers all are served up at V Street, which is a hit with young professionals working in Center City. V Street also features a happy hour where diners and drinkers gather to toast and taste. Since it’s just six blocks from your Edgewater apartment, V Street could make a great addition to your happy hour schedule!

If you’re considering going down the vegetarian route, or just want to add more leafy greens into your diet to stick to your resolution and get geared up for the coming  swimsuit season, consider a trip to V Street.


V Street

126 S. 19th St.

Philadelphia, PA 19103